Some Need-to-Know Things about Trivia Crack

While there are many trivia games out there for smartphones, the best one is easily Trivia Crack. The game started in Spanish, but is now available in 10 languages, including English. It’s also available for various platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. There are some keys to the game that will help you to be victorious over your opponents. When spinning the wheel to choose a trivia category there’s a 7th slot. What’s it about? This is a “crown” slot. When the 3-slot crown gauge is filled, a player can get a character.


A player can get a character by answering 3 trivia questions correctly, or immediately by landing on the “crown” slot. Then players have the chance to get a character, they can get it by the “crown” method. You can also get an advantage in the game with a trivia crack hack. In the “crown” method you are asked a question from the category linked to the character. If you answer the question correctly, you win that character. The most obvious way to win the game is by getting all 6 characters.

Sometimes all 25 rounds are played, but there isn’t a winner yet. What happens? The player with the most characters at that point is the winner. There’s a special case in which both players have the same number of characters. In that case there’s a 6-question challenge given to each player. If there’s still a tie, the player who started the game is declared the winner. Another interesting situation in the game is playing multiple games at one time. The app’s main screen will show whose turn it is in various games, the results of finished games, and pending games. Finally, when a turn in a game is passed to a player, the game gives the player 2 days to play the tern. The player forfeits after 2 days.